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Hello! My name is Brittany and I created the Almapura symbol. My mom, Nikki, asked me to create a symbol for her that represented this incredible process she was discovering about spirituality. “Britt,” she said, “Make me a symbol. Something that has Christianity and spirituality in it.”  Christianity and spirituality? Weren’t the two mutually inclusive? Perhaps not. I started looking around on the internet for different symbols I could play around with. I started drawing, just messing around really, when I’d stumbled on the perfect combination: the cross and the aum. The aum, by definition, is an introduction.  It is placed, in most Hindu texts, at the beginning of prayers or mantras. It wasn’t until later that I realized how perfect of a choice this was: the three letters in aum represent birth, life, and death.

The cross for Christianity was an obvious choice, a conscious nod to the religion our family follows. But, like the aum, I realized its alternative meaning later: the cross is representative of new life, of the afterlife, of a break and awakening from humanity. These two symbols perfectly explained everything Almapura is, to break from humanity, one must acknowledge the three stages in life both metaphorically and literally.


Almapura is an introduction to your own break from humanity. I played around with these symbols for a long time. It took four years to get the placement and curves and the design just right, but when it was perfect I knew it!  I was sitting in study hall, working on this symbol with an image editing program. I’d been zoomed in close to the freestanding circle in the symbol, trying to get the placement and spacing right; but when I zoomed out, it felt like I got knocked in the heart. It hit me that the symbol was finally complete and it was exactly what it was supposed to be. 

Just seeing the symbol comforts me and reminds me of that day in class when everything fell in place, and I could feel my spirit rejoicing in recognition. I hope my symbol, Almapura’s symbol, brings you as much peace as it does me.

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