Almapura ~ The Beginning


Like a caterpillar freed from its cocoon, Dehumanization aims to free us from the barriers of our human consciousness. It humbles us to the point of surrender and strips away our conditioned perceptions. Often times when we're at our most vulnerable state, we achieve the most personal growth. Dehumanization awakens an inner knowing that heals our deepest imbalances. It transforms our self-identification, teaching us that we are the creators of our own experience. Change the patterns of imbalance in your life and discover the beauty in each experience. Embrace yourself in TRUTH and create something new!

Alignment . Where do I start? Where do I begin? To create that space. Of alignment within? Honor my soul. 

In all that is true. Until one day, I happen upon you. The combination of me, That is two.

Almapura Inc 2019
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