Almapura ~ The Beginning

Honor Self

Loving ALL parts of your Being. In the State of Being workshop we learn who we truly are and how we bring Love to this world. But what happens when we show up, ready to shine, ready to give, ready to love and that love is not received as we intended? Maybe it was ignored. Maybe it was taken without a Thank you. Maybe it was rejected. Honor Self is a deep, difficult but exhilarating workshop designed to set you free from what you believe you are supposed to be. It reminds you that by honoring yourself, you are brought back to your true spirit. One that gives without expectations...that gives out of pure love, the love of Almapura.

Alignment . Where do I start? Where do I begin? To create that space. Of alignment within? Honor my soul. 

In all that is true. Until one day, I happen upon you. The combination of me, That is two.

Almapura Inc 2019
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