Almapura ~ The Beginning

Trigger Points

Emotions propel us through life. The most beautiful part of being human is the array of emotions that rise up to meet our hearts every day of our life. Trigger Points are those little buttons inside of us that provoke emotion. Many of these emotions are beautiful and we love that they are triggered inside of us. But many of them are not beautiful and we try so hard to control them, only to discover that they control us. What happens when people use our emotions against us? How can they push all those buttons inside of us? Why do we react the way we do? Learning to give love and healing to our Trigger Points gifts us with a sense of inner peace and balance that profoundly enhances the friendship we share with ourselves and others.

Alignment . Where do I start? Where do I begin? To create that space. Of alignment within? Honor my soul. 

In all that is true. Until one day, I happen upon you. The combination of me, That is two.

Almapura Inc 2019
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