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Work Ethics

Work Ethics: Your Work Ethic is a set of standards that you create for yourself within the workplace. It is the level of measurement to which you hold yourself and others accountable. Your Work Ethic is the core perception of your job and its ideal environment.​


During this workshop you will recognize your work ethic and how it impacts your performance in your career role as well as each of the relationships uniquely shared within the work family environment.

You will recognize different tendencies and traits that have the capacity to either “make” or “break” you in the workplace. You will learn how to identify and distinguish different work ethic traits within your organization resulting in motivated and effective teams. This workshop reinforces your work ethic from an enriching perspective and allows you to reach your highest potential in the workplace.

Alignment . Where do I start? Where do I begin? To create that space. Of alignment within? Honor my soul. 

In all that is true. Until one day, I happen upon you. The combination of me, That is two.

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