Coming in July!
Coming in July!

Become an Almapura Scholars Member by enrolling in an online spiritual experience that will change your life! Join the Scholars Member ZOOM group session offered each month. Start at The Beginning and come along for the awakenings of your life in Spiritual Communications!  I can't wait to share Almapura with you!

Almapura Testimonials

Gift from God...

Wow! This class and information is such a gift from God! Thank you Nikki!  Meghan 

Loved it!...

Well… you certainly are a great teacher! You know your stuff very very well… Lots of examples from your life experiences which made it all sink in. I LOVED it! ~ Julie


Nicole, I took the Almapura class this past fall. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and am grateful for having had this experience. Almapura helped reveal the most basic elements of my personality; thus giving me the tools to live with a deeper understanding of myself and how I interact with the world. It made me laugh; it made me cry, very good stuff–looking forward to Almapura II perhaps? Thanks again Nicole, you are a gift! ~ Antoinette


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Stay Tuned!
  • Join us on the journey of Almapura! Awaken and Be Amazing with Almapura ONLINE Education workshops!  Coming Soon....

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Pure Soul Premier Membership 

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Monthly Members ZOOM Live Session.

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Spiritual Focus Topic (Monthly)

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