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The Path To Oneness

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

The Path To Oneness workshop will address the concept of Oneness and the knowledge that WE, at the eternal level of our soul...are ONE. One with God, ONE with the universe, ONE with nature, and most importantly ONE with each other. 

The Path To Oneness Workshop takes you on a journey through enlightenment. It awakens your mind to the adventure of self discovery.  Discover your unique path to achieving ONENESS. This workshop outlines areas of awareness to focus on during life's journey. The Path to Oneness reminds you that all the answers you seek reside within! ​

Achieving Balance

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

Achieving Balance.... 

State of Being

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

We all have questions... Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? State of Being is an inspiring workshop answering that very basic but very complicated question... Who am I? In this State of Being workshop, you will discover where your State of Being was created, why you love the way you love, and how you wish others would love you. You will discover that we all have different and unique State of Beings, but every State of Being is a piece of the whole, an aspect of God we came here to BE and represent. 

Honor Self

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

Embracing and loving ALL parts of yourself is the goal of this workshop. Honor Self is a deep and beautiful life milestone that motivates the friendship between the body and soul. It awakens spirit within you. It brings to light your most sincere truths and guides your heart to a life full of joy. 


Honor self is designed to set you free from what you believe you are supposed to be. It reminds you that by honoring yourself, you are brought back to your true spirit. One that gives without expectations...that gives out of pure love, the love of Almapura.

Trigger Points

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

Emotions propel us through life. The most beautiful part of being human is the array of emotions that rise up to meet our hearts every day of our life. Trigger Points are those little buttons inside of us that provoke emotion. Many of these emotions are beautiful and we love that they are triggered inside of us. But many of them are not beautiful and we try so hard to control them, only to discover that they control us. What happens when people use our emotions against us? How can they push all those buttons inside of us? Why do we react the way we do? Learning to give love and healing to our Trigger Points gifts us with a sense of inner peace and balance.


 Spiritual Milestones: 7

Like a caterpillar freed from its cocoon, Dehumanization aims to free us from the barriers of our human consciousness. It humbles us to the point of surrender and strips away our conditioned perceptions. Often times when we're at our most vulnerable state, we achieve the most personal growth. Dehumanization awakens an inner knowing that heals our deepest imbalances. It transforms our self-identification, teaching us that we are the creators of our own experience. Change the patterns of imbalance in your life and discover the beauty in each experience. Embrace yourself in TRUTH and create something new!

Process of Love

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." Process of Love describes the way in which we love, and the way in which we need to be loved. The greatest gift is Love. But what happens when we feel so much love coming out of us, but not a lot of love coming back in?  Why is that?


In Process of Love, we use concepts from Almapura ~ The Beginning to dive deeper into the unique connections we share in our relationships. We learn how to love others the way they need to be loved and encourage others to love us in the way we need to be loved.

Discernment Table

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and more than a few detours. Sometimes, it can be a bit confusing trying to figure out "what to do".  


Almapura's Discernment Table workshop shares unbelievably simple tools for discerning and understanding every single situation in life! This workshop strives to break down all the nuances of a situation and guide you toward an enlightened perspective of your experiences.

Getting To Know You

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

So Nice To Meet You! Love… and the array of emotions shared within our relationships can be confusing and overwhelming and exciting and breath-taking all at the same time! Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a road map to successfully navigate in all relationships whether they are casual, intimate or profound?


The Getting to Know You! workshop focuses on strengthening our love connections in all relationships. This workshop distinguishes how expectations shape the way we perceive love and its meaning in every relationship in our lives.

Work Ethics

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

Your Work Ethic is a set of standards that you create for yourself within the workplace. It is the level of measurement to which you hold yourself and others accountable. Your Work Ethic is the core perception of your job and its ideal environment.​


During this workshop you will recognize your work ethic and how it impacts your performance in your career and the shared work family environment.  You will learn how to identify different work ethic traits within your organization resulting in motivated and effective teams. 

  • The Path To Oneness

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  • Achieving Balance

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  • State of Being

    It Begins Here!
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  • Honor Self

    Love comes first. Love is everything!
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  • Trigger Points

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  • Dehumanization

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  • Process of Love

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  • Discernment Table

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  • Getting To Know You

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  • Work Ethics

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Ready, Set, Go! 
 Keep Going! ~ We Are One

Chakra Talk

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

This workshop focuses on the Chakra System as the media for cultivating a friendship with the eternal self and guides participants in transcending the human perspective resulting in true joyfulness. During this workshop you will gain a deep understanding of the Chakra System and how it is used to enhance your spiritual communication abilities. Learning to identify the soul energy flowing through your Chakras connects you to ALL of creation! 


Invite your Soul into an interactive and conscious friendship! Join us and bring Heaven to Earth! 

Soul Dance

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

A Soul Dance is just ONE of the numerous dances your spirit uses to communicate enlightening information about your soul's mission for God while here on Earth. Each person has a Soul Mission, and in turn, a unique Soul Dance that describes how that mission is accomplished. 

​The method of dance your soul uses is a movement and flow of energy through your Chakra System. Connecting with your Soul’s Dance will illustrate who you are; how you are; why you are the way you are; and how you are currently sharing your dance in your everyday life and with the world.​ Come and dance with your soul in this enlightening workshop.

The Power of Prayer

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

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Heaven Is For Real!

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

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Archangel Messages

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

Angels Are Universal... Angels Are Love In Motion

Angels are the embodiment of God energy sent from Heaven to be with us during our entire life.  Before we are born we set out a life plan for ourselves. Angels are here to help us with this purpose. The word 'Angel' means messenger. Angels deliver messages from God. 


Join the Archangel Messages Workshop and learn how to welcome your Angels into your life.  Discover how to use their assistance and guidance to accomplish your soul's mission on Earth


 Spiritual Milestones: 7

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Rosary Novenas

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

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Spirit Guides 

 Spiritual Milestones: 7

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