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Bold Obedience...


Over the last several months I have noticed a common theme filter into many of the conversations I share. Over and over again my ears seem attuned to a specific response; a specific recognition that is admitted during the conversation. “I should have just listened to myself!”

It’s so common to hear this response during the conversations we share that we put little stock into its very profound meaning. We say it quickly, almost as an excuse. “I should have just listened to myself and I would have avoided that traffic jam!” “I should have just listened to myself when I thought the car wasn’t running right and I probably could have avoided that blow out!” “I should have just listened to myself and maybe we would have made it to the hospital in time!”

I think it’s difficult to surrender to that quiet voice within because it presents as a subtle acknowledgement, a subtle hint, or warning, and we can very easily talk our self out of it. We shrug our shoulders and say, “Oh well!” And we move on. Or maybe we don’t. Maybe we become stuck there; in that place where we wish we would have had a more BOLD OBEDIENCE toward that quiet voice, toward self.

I believe that the quiet voice inside is connected to God, to Creator. That voice, it’s your Spirit, it’s your soul, it’s the other part of you! It’s that quiet voice inside of you that guides you. Why not listen? Why not obey it? It seems to me that whenever we don’t listen to our self, we ultimately end up wishing we had!


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