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Dear Daughters...

Happy Mother’s Day!


I remember the very first time they put you in my arms. My child… My little girl… What an impacting moment! “Brittany, you make it all better for mama,” I whispered to you as I kissed your cheek and nuzzled my face next to yours.

I’m pretty sure my soul was filled up that day. Twenty-two years have passed since that moment of impact, but I still remember it like it was yesterday: the wonder in your eyes, the beauty of your smile, the knowledge that nothing could tear us apart. We would love each other forever!

When I reflect on my relationship with you I recognize that we are still living the impact of our union. You still make it all better for mama. Sometimes making it better for me is a simple phone call to tell me you are thinking of me. Sometimes, it’s figuring out what’s wrong with my computer, and sometimes it’s a needed embrace, or a welcome backrub, or a smile from across the room. But no matter what it is, or when it is, you ALWAYS make it better for me.


Where does laughter come from? It comes from you! In just a moment you brighten my day with a giggle that feeds light and laughter to my soul! I’ll never forget my moment of impact with you. You were only three days old. I know they say newborn babies don’t laugh, but you sure did! You had the sweetest, deepest little belly laugh I ever heard! Your laughter is contagious! When I heard it for the first time, my heart pounded with a sense of angelic fulfillment, a sense of recognition that you were my laughter, my light, and my awareness. I knew that no matter what were to occur in my life from that moment on, you would bring light, laughter, and awareness to it. I knew we would giggle forever!

When I reflect on my relationship with you I realize that every day you have made me laugh, every day your giggle is food for my soul. You bring light, laughter, and awareness to me each day, whether through a story, a comment, a sticky note on the stove, a message from your amiga, or even a warm hug. You are encouraging to me in every way!

My Baby,

We didn’t get a chance to meet here on this Earth and that makes me so sad, but I thank you for the gift of being my child, even if it was only for a short time. I think our journey together was for you to teach me the truth about mothers and children.

So many times we think about how much our children need us. After all, we clothe them, feed them, teach them, love them, and do all the other things that moms do for their children. And sometimes without meaning to, our perspective becomes limited.

After I lost you, it became so very clear to me. The truth is… I need you all much more than you need me. Without you I don’t know how I would laugh; without you, I don’t know if it would all be okay; and without you, I wouldn’t have recognized just how very much I need you! I thank you for picking me to be your mom and for bringing to me the very best of gifts in return!


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