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Purchasing Telephone

& Facetime  & ZOOM Sessions

  • To purchase your session click on the BuyNow button that corresponds to the session type and length you would like. 

  • At the time of your session please be in a quiet space with no distractions so we can focus on your session.

  • If you purchased a session including a recording you will receive an email with the dial in number and meeting id to dial in to for your session.

Purchasing your Email Session

  • If you have not already sent your questions for your email session please email Nikki and send over your questions.

  • Please make sure to ask clear and concise questions. General questions won't allow for the detail you are looking for please be specific and provide the information you feel comfortable with.

Purchasing your Scheduling Deposit for Private Group Gatherings

  • Please purchase your scheduling deposit within 2 business days of scheduling your group event so it is confirmed.


  • Group events that are not confirmed will be released from the schedule. All scheduling deposits are non-refundable and can not be applied to other Almapura services. 


Thank you so much for understanding. 

Purchasing Almapura

Gift Certificates

  • Gift Certificates are available for any of the Almapura Services. If you would like to share your experience with a friend or family member, purchase a Gift Certificate today!


  • Click on the  "Buy Now" button in the Gift Certificates section to purchase. A PDF version of your Gift Certificate will be emailed to you within 2 business days.  

That your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the Power of God!


Purchase Telephone Sessions

Telephone Sessions  (Pre-pay online at least 24 hours prior to your session to confirm)

30 Minute Spiritual Session

(No Recording)             $100

30 Minute Spiritual Session (Recording)                    $110

45 Minute Spiritual Session

(No Recording)             $125

45 Minute Spiritual Session (Recording)                    $135

60 Minute Spiritual Session

(No Recording)             $150

60 Minute Spiritual Session (Recording)                    $160

60 Minute JOINT Session

(No Recording)             $200

60 Minute JOINT Session (Recording)                    $210


Purchase "Hello from Heaven"

Non-Refundable Scheduling Deposit      $75

Purchase "Spiritual Roundtable"

Non-Refundable Scheduling Deposit      $75

Purchase "Individual Sessions Reading Day!"

Non-Refundable Scheduling Deposit      $75

Purchase "Private Almapura Workshop Gathering"

Non-Refundable Scheduling Deposit      $75


There will be an additional $5 tax/fee included in your total purchase price. 




30 Minute Spiritual Session / $105

45 Minute Spiritual Session / $130

60 Minute Spiritual Session / $155

Purchase Facetime or ZOOM Sessions

FaceTime Sessions (Pre-pay online at least 24 hours prior to your session to confirm)

30 Minute Spiritual Session


60 Minute Spiritual Session


45 Minute Spiritual Session


60 Minute JOINT Session


Purchase In-Person Non-Refundable Scheduling Deposit

In-Person Sessions (Cash Payment accepted at the time of your session)

In-Person Non-Refundable Scheduling Deposit        $25

Purchase Email Sessions

Purchase when submitting questions for your session

2 Questions Session   $75

3 Questions Session    $100

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