Nikki, This is Sarah (from your Almapura ~ The Beginning class). I just gotta say, you have an AMAZING workshop! Just in the first two sessions I have learned more about myself than I have in my whole life! Trust me, I have spent practically all of my 20’s up until now, searching, trying, praying, and spent thousands of dollars on therapists, hypnotists, books and even Oprah episodes! I just wanted to thank you and tell you how forward I look to seeing you and attending the rest of your workshops and future events.

You’re awesome! ~ Sarah.


It was very enlightening. I was amazed at how the workshops help to discover who I am. I learned a lot about myself. Thank you. ~ Kathy


Your handouts were so helpful. You were so helpful in helping me and everyone dig deeper and uncover the real emotions. Thank you Nikki ~ I had so many AhHa moments. You are so kind. See you soon! ~ Nancy



Nicole, I took the Almapura class this past fall. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and am grateful for having had this experience. Almapura helped reveal the most basic elements of my personality; thus giving me the tools to live with a deeper understanding of myself and how I interact with the world. It made me laugh; it made me cry, very good stuff–looking forward to Almapura II perhaps? Thanks again Nicole, you are a gift! ~ Antoinette

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