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Hope is the satisfying pleasure of holding on to happiness. Hope allows people to embrace new perspectives in life and is sometimes a redirection of your journey. Hope inspires a feeling that is almost happiness, but not quite. It’s a temporary fulfillment until the real happiness settles within you.

Hope takes over your body. Emotionally, physically and mentally it intertwines with your daily movement. Hope is there to remind you that even when things are bad, there is still that possibility. Hope blinds and enlightens. Hope is loving and yet poisoning. Hope either makes or breaks you. Some people think hope is worthless and disappointing. But Hope is a gift from God.

God sends Hope to prepare you for your eternal happiness. Sometimes he sends it accompanied by difficult experiences and hard lessons that really impact you. He does this so you can feel the emotions and breathe them in. Emotions demand to be felt and the little perks that come from Hope are a reminder that light is headed your way.

God intends to send Hope, because it is His job to take care of His children, so He reminds them that He loves them with many little gifts. Hope just happens to be one of them. So hold on to your Hope and have faith that God is sending happiness your way.


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