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Love Is All Around...

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day!

While I was preparing for this month’s newsletter it seemed obvious to me that the February focus should be about LOVE, but what I didn’t expect is that LOVE isn’t so obvious!

Love can propel our life forward or stop it in its tracks. In some ways, everything we do is motivated by love. There is no perfect definition that can describe it in its entirety because it can inspire a collection of emotions.

Although some form of love is present in each of our lives, sometimes there is that one kind of love, the kind of love that eludes or escapes us. We so often rely on the predetermined love, the kind we expect to find in a certain place, at a certain time, and with a certain somebody… but what if that isn’t the case?

During my journey I have realized that love is all around us and love will never leave. People can come in and out of our lives for many different reasons, but be assured that the love they have shown to us, and the love we expected from them will be fulfilled in some of the most beautiful and unexpected ways. It may be as simple as the neighbor that brings over a plate of cookies when she hears you’re not feeling well or a friend’s unexpected phone call just at the moment you needed a sister. It could even be the elderly gentleman that grabs your arm and stops you from accidentally walking into traffic on the exact day you needed to feel protected.

These unexpected moments are packed full of love, the kind of love we are looking for. Maybe that love isn’t coming from where we expect it, or from whom we expect it, but I promise it is definitely coming from somewhere. Keep your heart open to it so you don’t miss it! I promise that when you see it, when you feel it, you will see that although the people in our life may transition, the love they leave behind will continue to express itself in our lives if we let it!

This month let’s focus on the moments of love in our life. Let’s not worry about the people, places, or times that we expect to receive it. Let’s just keep an eye out for when love presents itself in our lives and let’s cherish it!

I wish you many, many moments of love this month and always!


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