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I heard a story some time ago that impacted me very profoundly, and I would like to share that story with you today. It goes something like this:

Little baby angels were getting ready to come to Earth and God asked them, “What do you want to learn about on Earth?” After thinking about it for a little while, one baby angel came to the front and told God she wants to learn about love when she came to the world. So God asked all the other baby angels who would be willing to help her learn about love on Earth. Many little angels came forward to offer their assistance and God selected a few to travel with her on her journey to Earth. This happened with several other little angels too. Some of them wanted to learn about family, some about fun, some about happiness, and even some about education and triumph. Everyone was laughing and rejoicing because of how fun life on Earth would be.

Then there was one baby angel who hesitated but came forward anyway. God asked her the same question he had asked all the others: “What do you want to learn when you go to Earth?” She looked up at Him and nervously said she wanted to learn about humility and truth.

God paused for a moment and then asked the rest of the remaining baby angels who would be willing to help her learn about humility and truth on Earth. No one came forward. God asked a second time, “Who is willing to help her learn about humility and truth?”

Finally, a little angel came to the front and said he would be willing to help her. There was silence then, and God looked at the newest student of humility and truth and said to her, “My child, when you go to Earth, remember that this man who has agreed to teach you about humility and truth may look like your abuser. He may even look like your enemy, but remember my child… He is, in truth, you very best friend, for he is the only one willing to help you accomplish my plan for you on Earth.”

The End


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