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Do You Believe In Luck?

Do you believe in luck?

This question actually took me by surprise when I was asked about it one evening. No one had ever asked me about luck before, and to be honest, I had never given it any real thought. The inquiry prompted me to reflect more deeply on the concept of luck and how it related to my life.

In 1998 a spiritual awakening completely altered my life by teaching me something we have all forgotten: We are valid, we are good, and we are worthy of unconditional love.

Unconditional love plays a major role in all forms of honor because it demonstrates a level of respect, love, and esteem for another without obligation or condition. We give unconditional love to many people in our life… except of course, ourselves.

Prior to my awakening experience, the word “lucky” didn’t enter much into my vocabulary, mainly because I was anything but lucky! After the awakening however, so many seemingly lucky experiences were presented in my life! What had changed?

When I reflected on these lucky times, I noticed a pattern. For all of the times that I felt lucky, I had made choices in my life that honored my truest intentions and emotions. This choice to honor myself had placed me in some sort of an alignment: An alignment with myself, alignment with the universe, and an alignment with the connected energies of the light. This alignment created the perfect balance to attract luck to my life. I don’t know if I would say that luck is the correct word for the result of the realignment in my life, but it sure feels that way!

This journey has taught me that by honoring and loving myself unconditionally, I can create all the luck I need or could ever dream of. The notion of luck is to align yourself with your truest nature, which in turn, will guide you to the right place, at the right time, and for the right reasons!

Good luck!


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