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Ask Nikki....

Q: When you connect with spirits do you see their human form?

A: Spirits can present in any form that they like. If they choose to present in a physical form they will appear very much like a hologram. Spirits can also present by relaying visions to me using the 3rd Eye Chakra. Another way spirits can present is with the spiritual body which to me looks like a “light” being.

Q: How do the spirits connect with you?

A: Some spirits connect by just stopping over to my house and sharing some information about themselves that I later can relay to their friends and families here on Earth. I can also reach out to them in Heaven with an invitation to connect with me. Spirits can connect with me through visions, empathy or channeling. Spirits also use nature and creation to communicate. Spirits can also alter events and situations as a form of communication.

Q: Can you see them from when they were alive-or I guess I should say, do they look they did here in this world?

A: Spirits can present at any age they choose. Mostly they will present in the physical form that was most comfortable and happy while they lived here on Earth. Other times they will present at the age they were when they moved to Heaven. Children sometimes connect initially as children at the age of physical death but then as the reading progresses they will show me themselves at around the age they would currently be. It differs for each spirit. I feel comfortable understanding that the manner in which they present means something for the entirety of the message relayed.

Q: Is there is a timeline to how long someone has been dead and your ability to connect with them? If someone’s been dead for 10-20 years, is that too long to make a connection?

A: No. Since there is no “time” in Heaven there is no limitation of time in connecting with friends and relatives living in Heaven. I have had people in Heaven connect from many generations back. I have also had people from Heaven connect within minutes after losing their physical form due to death of the physical body.

Q: Does the spirit you’re trying to connect with have to be related or have had some kind of connection/relationship with your client? For example, if I wanted you to contact my great-grandparents whom I’ve never met but I am their descendant, are you able to?

A: Yes. I can connect with a great-grandparent, but I look for confirmation to make sure I am connecting with who I think I am, so it is helpful if you know things about them so you can feel comfortable that it’s your great-grandparent we are actually connecting with. Our friends and relatives in Heaven do their best to provide information that will help us to feel comfortable and peaceful with their visit. Often times you can have a more recently passed friend or relative confirm we are connecting with past generations also in the event we don’t have to much information about them.

Q: What’s the difference between a ghost and the spirits you make contact with?

A: My understanding of the difference between a ghost and a spirit is that a ghost is a spirit who didn’t cross over to heaven. The goal is to always help them cross over.

Q: What if you’re unable to connect with a spirit, does that mean they’ve reincarnated, or they’re not in heaven?

A: If a spirit doesn’t come through and connect it is not due to reincarnation as that doesn’t prohibit the soul from connection with loved ones here on Earth. It also is not an indication that they are not in heaven. There are many reasons a spirit may not connect but that is typically due to the limitation of humanity not the limitation of the soul, as there is none.

Q: Can our deceased loved ones intervene in our lives, or is that reserved for the higher powers?

A: All of the above! Yes. Our loved ones can intervene in our lives on our behalf and so can Angels, Guides and other light beings. Something to keep in mind is that our loved ones will often guide us by connecting with our soul. Unfortunately it is not common practice for humanity to practice the HONOR of the internal (spiritual) self and therefore it becomes a deterrent in receiving these GRACES from Heaven.

Q: What is a Spiritual Awakening?

A: A Spiritual Awakening is the moment when consciousness “wakes up” to it’s true state in recognition that “WE”, “I”, and “YOU” are NOT THE BODY. It’s a type of remembering TRUTH in all things, remembering one’s original nature. Everything about self-identification falls away and you become a sort of awareness with no identification but the WHOLE.


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