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How to Heal: Transcend the Human Experience

As a concept, the idea of healing seems simple: the process of your body repairing from illness or injury. But in reality, healing is much harder to do. It is an exhausting, consuming, and lengthy process. So how do we deal with our injuries or sickness emotionally and spiritually when the whole process seems to take forever?

The first thing that’s important to recognize is that injury or illness, despite how it may feel in the trenches, truly is temporary. Even if you have a lifelong chronic illness… it’s temporary. Think about what we know of the afterlife and of God’s amazing plan for after we’ve taken a turn on Earth. Not only is your illness or injury temporary… but so is humanity.

Illness and injury are purely matters of the human experience. What’s more human than your body not working right? What’s more human than breaking an arm or catching a cold? Things that happen to your body are just things that happen to your body. Those things are not happening to your spirit, and they are not happening to your mind. They are just happening to your body.

After you recognize that your body is a completely separate entity from your mind and your spirit, you can start to see beyond it. You can start to transcend your physical experience. That is, you can start to look past the limitations or the frustrations with what you can’t do, and you can suddenly see everything you can do.

And what’s the best way to transcend? Have you heard the phrase, “time flies when you’re having fun”? Think about those things you do in life that make time fly. Is it talking on the phone with a friend? Is it watching funny movies? Is it painting? What are those things that you sit down to do, and then look up and realize hours have passed? Do. Those. Things. Not only will you be transcending your human experience by not focusing on your insufficiency but you will also be doing something that fulfills you emotionally or spiritually. Instead of focusing on the human part and all the time that it takes to heal… we can actually heal ourselves by looking at our experience from a completely different vantage point.

So take a look at your situation. Are you viewing it from a human perspective? Find your distraction (a.k.a your emotional/spiritual fulfillment) and transcend that human experience. Your body will heal with time, so why not spend that time enjoying yourself in the ways that you can? Time flies when you’re having fun.


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