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The idea of soul mates has been well documented throughout history in music, movies, and literature. There are so many interpretations of the concept, but the prevailing one is that of a romantic soul mate. This is the person that that is supposed to complete your heart, be your other half, and be your one and only forever and ever. But what of the other types of soul mates? Is it possible to have more than one? Is it possible to have platonic soul mates or soul mates you only know for a few minutes?

My soul mates? I could stay here for many hours and tell you stories of each one of them. My only dilemma is where do I begin?

I could tell you about Sister Noel from Mother McAuley High School who used to sit and talk to me in the chapel during my lunchtime when I was feeling sad. Or maybe I could start with my grandma who loved me unconditionally and told me that she thought I was perfect in every way, no matter what anyone else said. Definitely I will have to tell you about my puppy Macey! Or possibly you were interested in the first boy I ever loved? Of course there was that little old man that smiled at me one time on the train on my way to work right at the moment I was wondering what my day would bring. And then of course you would probably want to know about my daughter Brittany who saved my soul with those big brown eyes full of absolute and unconditional love and hugs that could melt the coldest of souls. I can tell you also about my littlest girl Marissa who is the source of my deepest laughter, love and soulful joy.

Soul Mates come in many ways, and they can present as our deepest connections such as partners, children, family, friends, and pets. Sometimes though, they are the lonely soul that smiles from across the room or the nurse that holds our hand during a procedure. Soul Mates fill a void within our life force energy that encourages our truest expression of self. They facilitate in healing specific aspects of the soul during our journey on Earth. Soul Mates are pre-destined and the connection with the body is secondary to the eternal bond of the soul. Sometimes their connection to us lasts for the duration of our physical life and sometimes their visit is only momentary. But in whatever capacity you visit with a soul mate here on Earth, know that you will see them again in God’s presence.


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