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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

I notice it's a bit cooler this morning than it has been over the last several days. The breeze welcomes me in a light and refreshing embrace, the way it usually does at 4 o'clock in the morning.

I am filled with an awareness that the grass beneath my feet feels steady, cool, and crisp, giving me a place to stand, a place to ground, and a place to BE.

In the midst of the morning's veil of darkness I see the silhouette of the trees towering over and around me in protection, while their crowns of leaves shelter me from the tiny raindrops beginning to sprinkle across my cheeks.

The aroma of the flowers from the garden reach me and I am reminded of my breath, which I slow slightly, to inhale the sweet fragrances being gifted to me. Exhaling, I fall upward into the majestic collection of the twinkling stars above me as I seek within their light, the answers to my deepest of wonders.

Off in the distance, I hear the invitations of chirping birds singing in unison as they wake to greet the day. Their song draws me in and I somehow I get lost in it. I become ONE with it. I am gone. Detached. Not present with myself. I am LOST, yet FOUND in the melody of their song.

I didn't perceive anything after that, nothing at all! I have no idea how long I stood there like that, in full ONENESS with everything, nor do I know how much time passed nor any happenings during my time in ONENESS.

I only know that quite some time must have passed because the next thing I noticed was a little piece of sunshine peeking out at me from the horizon, just waiting on a welcome.

And so I did just that...

You are the EMBRACE of the breeze.

The GROUND to stand upon. The place to BE.

You are PROTECTION in the midst of darkness.

You are SHELTER. You are the BREATH of life.

You are the LIGHT of the stars that guide.

You are the DANCE in the melody of the universe. Welcome...


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