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What is a Spiritual Awakening?

There are countless opinions regarding this topic which makes it impossible to apply a single description to it, but I will do my best to explain it according to what I have learned since my own Awakening experience.

A Spiritual Awakening is the “waking-up” of spiritual consciousness to the remembrance of the Soul.

Of course I can only put that description to it because that is exactly what happened to me! But what does that really mean? It took roughly four minutes for my spiritual consciousness to awaken within my human brain, and when I say that, I mean precisely that. My human brain is where I first recognized a connection to my soul, or rather, to the voice of my soul.

Consider for a moment the Chakra System. It is the key to recognizing a spiritual awakening experience. We have seven principal chakras within the human body and each one of these beautiful energy centers can be an access point for our spirit to emerge, encouraging an awareness of the presence, existence and relationship with your Soul. In my case, the crown and third eye chakras were awakened, creating a free-flow experience of enlightenment that developed through each of the other chakras.

A spiritual awakening can be felt in the heart chakra as a deep sense of opening in the chest, often with an overwhelming sense of unconditional love for every living being, which brings about a significant change in one’s psychological orientation, compassion and appreciation for life.

Solar plexus and throat chakra awakenings fuel a sense of consciousness that breaks through its boundaries of the personal self by recognizing and speaking only truth. Often times understanding about the nature of reality, or other aspects of wisdom or love accompany the experience. It is a shift in the awareness of what ‘self’ is and a shift in awareness of the reality we experience.

Of course the realization of Self or Truth that is a spiritual awakening can bring great loving joy and exaltation. After the intense joy, an adjustment period awaits. A new dimension of spiritual development has begun and every aspect of the psyche is going to be exposed to the light of consciousness.

Awakening means gaining a deep understanding of your unique incarnation. It means that your awakening will not, and cannot be quite like anyone else’s. Who and what you awaken into is absolutely unique in every case.

Invite your soul to connect with and communicate with you and the wonders of you will be revealed.


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