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A Soldier Says Thank You...

During this month of July I would like to take a moment to thank ALL of our soldiers, past, present, and future, for their constant surrender to our cause of freedom and the “right to be” within our nation.

I am often asked about my time in the Marine Corps. While my stories usually involve jumping off towers during Basic Combat Skills Training, firing M60 machine guns, or learning how to hold my breath a really long time while going through the gas chamber, I would like to tell you about something else I learned during my time in the military.

I learned that in a sense, we are all soldiers battling ourselves, engaging in internal conversations that weigh out our individual truths against those that identify our external relationships and situations. Many times the internal struggle becomes a choice between our human self and our spiritual self. To which do we surrender? To which do we show honor?

During my spiritual journey I recognized that the first relationship in my life is the one I share with my spiritual self, and when I say my spiritual self, I mean my emotional self. Spirit talks to us through emotions. Emotions are the voice of your spirit within and therefore should be attended to from the perspective of unconditional love.

When I find myself in the war between my truthful feelings and those that are created based on limitations and obligations set forth by the “do’s” and “don’ts” of the world, I try to keep in mind that I have a choice of which part of myself to honor; the human side or the spiritual side. I try to ensure that the choices I make are for the purpose of nurturing the relationship I share with my own spirit, and in doing so, I have found that I inadvertently honor the people that I love most in the world.


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