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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

"The Stillness Within". During each phase of growth and transition we pass through periods of "stillness". We become quiet within ourselves and may even feel a bit absent from our own usual physical realities, experiences and feelings.

We process the world based on our SELF IDENTIFICATION...based on WHO WE ARE.... and when we feel we have lost a love, we must learn once again how to self identify without that love...a love that can never leave our heart... That is where we find ourselves in "The Stillness Within"

In this stillness we are actively mentally processing and participating in what is happening around us, taking in the information, observing what others are doing and saying, even participating in the activities, yet in stillness the responses stay within. The words don't seem to come out and we begin to feel absent and distant from our own self and others and eventually, completely from the experience at hand. We feel like we are watching our own life from the sidelines. We become an observer to our own life experience.

The Stillness Within can be triggered and prompted by an array of different experiences and for each person it is unique. The purpose of stillness is to "re calibrate" the balance of the human and spiritual selves. The re-calibration requires that these parts of you become silent and so the dominant self becomes the observer of the two. This is actually considered a transcended state in which we are able to clearly see our truths without bias of conditioning.

Often times the death of a loved one is a trigger to the Stillness Within because it obliterates a portion of our solar plexus. This happens due to LOVE. The nature of our soul IS love, so if we love someone they become part of who we identify ourselves to be. We are who we are, in part because the love we share with that person is wrapped up in our own self identification. Please know that we have many "LOVES" that make up our self identification; Love of art or dance, or cuisine or music or sports etc.

When a piece of our self-identification is pulled away for what ever reason a re-calibration of the body and soul is needed and hence we find ourselves in stillness. It is important to recognize we are in stillness so that we do not mistake it for other emotions that are not real but manifestations of our thoughts and fears.. After a certain time of stillness and re-calibration we will feel the motivation to move forward with a plan or an action or a goal. I try to remind everyone to move forward always in gratitude. :-)


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