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Happy New Year!

Can you believe we are already into the middle of January 2013? Where did the time go? How did I miss fulfilling some of the goals I set out for myself last year?

The first few days and weeks of each brand New Year are filled with high hopes and aspirations for the clean slate ahead. The previous year’s shortcomings are pushed into the background and focus shifts to the fresh, new beginnings that the New Year represents.

Plans, promises, and resolutions we strive (at least for a little while) to keep, decisions we promise ourselves we will make and the changes we would like to incorporate in our life are all forefront in our minds at the beginning of each New Year; and although our intentions are great, and our initial motivation is strong, sometimes, either by choice or not, we go back on those promises, plans, and resolutions and often fail to make the decisions we said we would. We shake our heads in regret after the second donut and promise that next year we’ll be better at sticking to our crazy New Year diet.

This year, let’s do something different. Let’s move forward in 2013 with a different approach so we can avoid the regret that can accompany unresolved goals. Start by asking yourself one simple question: Does your emotional conviction match your resolution?

The best way to accomplish any goal or move forward in any life decision is to make sure that you believe in what you are doing or trying to accomplish with all parts of yourself. This means that you should make sure that the logical plan you are creating in regards to any goal, situation or decision matches the emotions you are having.

Think about the times where you’ve promised yourself that you’ll do something, but in the back of your head you already had doubts and thoughts about the reality of actually doing it. It could be as simple as crafting a workout regime for the New Year. Is five times a week really attainable? How about three? Can you emotionally and logically commit to three days a week? Your conviction has to be both logical and emotional to have the momentum toward a successful outcome. Easily stated, just try to make sure that the decisions and plans you are making with your logical mind, match the conviction and emotion of your heart and you will find yourself on the RIGHT PATH.

Happy New Year and I hope to see you on the path!

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