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Inspiration & Follow-Through....

Inspiration is a spark of hope, a moment of clarity, a flash flood of ideas. Inspiration is the interruption of brilliance in an otherwise lackluster routine. Often, the jumping-off point of intense motivation, a moment of inspiration can seem like the answer to whatever troubles are at hand.

But what happens when that inspiration, the motivation, and intense drive to achieve wanes? What happens the next day, or the next week, or the next year when that exhilarating spark gets snuffed out in the mundane routine of everyday life?

The most difficult part of inspiration is in the follow-through. When the initial burst of inspiration occurs to us, it seems like this wonderful beacon of light. We think about the possibilities, what waits for us at our destination, and how wonderful it will feel when we get there. But what we lose sight of is the journey.

The saying “Life is not about the destination, but about the journey” exists for a reason. Too often we are caught up in the glory of a moment we have only gotten a glimpse of, and we forget the longer distance between point A and Z.

The goal then, the way to keep inspiration going, is to find inspiration in each step of the journey. How? Break down your “expected end result” into the steps required to reach your end goal. For each step, set a new goal. In other words, create an “expected end result” for each step of the journey. Set a goal for step #1, accomplish it, rejoice in it. Set a goal for step #2, accomplish it, rejoice in it. Set a goal for step #3, accomplish it and rejoice in it. Continue setting a new goal(expected end result) for each step of the journey. Let each step’s accomplishment be exactly what fans the flame for motivation and follow-through.


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