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Merry Christmas...

Hello and Merry Christmas!

I’m trying to catch my breath this evening as I sit down to write this month’s Almapura Awakenings newsletter! It’s Christmas? Oh my, it’s Christmas!

I found myself in a minor state of panic as I realized that the holiday season had crept up on me and I hadn’t even written out my Christmas shopping list yet, and the biggest challenge? Of course, choosing the perfect gift!

Throughout the holiday season the concept of giving is continuously emphasized. The perfect toys for your kids, the perfect pajama set for your aunt, and even the perfect gift card for that hard-to-shop-for special person in your life. It’s hard to focus on the idea of giving when the true intention of the season can get lost in the thrill of a good sale.

But what makes a good gift? A gift is something that is given without expectation, without reciprocation, and more often than not, the best gifts are given for no reason at all.

Think of the people in your life and all the unique ways in which they “give.” Think about that coworker who always picks up an extra cup of coffee in the morning for you. Maybe a coffee shop gift card is in order. Or think about the friend you always call when you’re having a hard day and are in need of a good laugh. Shop around for good deals to a comedy show or rent a few funny movies and enjoy a movie night filled with laughter.

Giving comes in many forms, whether it is a present wrapped up in a pretty bow, or a warm hug, or even a call to say hello and ask about your day. Essentially, people give away to the world what they themselves need the most. So when you’re shopping for gifts this holiday season, think about the ways you can acknowledge the gifts of fulfillment that you’ve received from the people in your life throughout the year. Match that quality to the gift you give. You can even include a little note explaining why you chose that particular gift for them.

I wish you and your families a holiday season filled with love, acknowledgement and validation to who you are and what you give! Merry Christmas!

Infinite blessings to you!


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