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Every month when I sit down to write the Almapura Awakenings newsletter, it’s usually after a long lesson on the topic I am going to write about, and this month is no exception to that rule.

Recently I have noticed that PRIDE has been sneaking its way into many aspects of my life. Sometimes I recognize PRIDE external to me, and I am not involved in it, and other times I recognize PRIDE internal to me, and I am involved in it. In any case, whether a participant or a witness, I have learned that it takes the same pattern of destruction within each of us, leaving with it a sense of loneliness and many times confusion.

I am comfortable with the belief that WE ARE ALL PROUD of something, in some way and for some reason, whether it’s our character, upbringing, career, physical appearance, status in the community, position at work or at church, our morals, money, or even our education. Whatever it is that prompts PRIDE within us, we are all subject to it and have experienced it at some point in our life.

Ask yourself a simple question: What are you proud of? Think back to your struggles. Remember how much dedication and time was spent working toward this goal? Remember your humble beginnings? Remember the times you felt humiliated and broken during your journey? Remember how you felt with each small success leading up to this total accomplishment? Remember when you succeeded? Remember how excited you were to share that accomplishment with the world? This moment is known as HUMILITY. Humility begins the moment you share your life, your knowledge, your gifts and your accomplishments with the world FOR FREE, WITHOUT EXPECTATION and of course, with PLEASURE.

Now ask yourself if you still feel just as excited, just as enthusiastic, and just as willing to share your gifts and accomplishments with the world and the people around you?

If the answer to this question is “No” then it might be because after time, our accomplishments can take on a different tone, especially when we realize that the people in our lives actually depend on us for those exact qualities. This is the moment when PRIDE begins. Pride begins the moment we recognize our gifts or accomplishments are depended upon, needed, or desired and we choose to use those gifts and accomplishments as our power over the people in our lives. Remember that the beauty of any gift received is when it is given with humility and kindness.


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