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Restore, Nurture, and Love Yourself

March is the month of new beginnings, new ideas, and new surroundings. As the flowers bloom, as the trees dance, as the wind sings the beautiful songs of spring, we wait in anticipation of its arrival.

Spring is coming and that means spring cleaning is on the rise. Whether it is cleaning the house, the car, or getting rid of clutter, the season of spring is all about cleansing. It’s all about eliminating as much negativity as possible.

But what if spring cleaning isn’t necessarily about cleaning a space, but cleaning the energy of it? March is a month to rid negative energies stored up through the season of winter.

Cleansing the space around you encourages positive energy to flow through you and expands the tunnel of new beginnings.

Take the time to heal and cleanse yourself. Whether it is exercising, eating healthier, or simply just honoring yourself. March is the month to consider the new beginning of YOU!

Bring yourself to a space that cleanses your soul and energy; or even better, CREATE a space that cleanses your soul and energy! Cleansing the soul helps you to become powerful within yourself and allows you to breathe more clearly.

Take a breath. Smell the flowers and feel spring spread through your body as it cleanses your soul.



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