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The Bunny On The Wall...

Happy Father’s Day!

My grandfather and I walked hand in hand up to the Walgreens on 117th and Western Avenue and he stopped us right in front of the raised stone wall that led to the entrance of the store.

“What do you see, Nicole?” he asked.

“A bumpy wall, Grandpa,” I replied with my six year-old understanding. Grandpa just smiled at me as he took a black magic marker out of his shirt pocket and traced over a little indent in one of the stones. Then he outlined a little circle that was actually a chip in the stone. He stepped back and looked at me again with hopeful eyes. “What do you see now, Nicole?”

It took me a minute, but when I looked at the stones again, I saw it.

“A puppy that is sleeping, Grandpa!” I shouted with excitement.

“Yes,” he said as he laughed with me. “There is always more than just a wall!”

Among the many life lessons my grandfather taught me, this is one of the most impacting. Often times we only look at the quick or most obvious appearance of something or someone, but when we take a minute, when we take a step back, when we look more closely, when we pay attention to the fine lines and the chips and bumps that have occurred along the way, we are enriched with a new perspective of reality and truth.

Happy Father’s Day, Grandpa. Thank you for teaching me to see more than just a wall!


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