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Individual Spiritual Sessions


Intuitive Spiritual Sessions


An Intuitive Spiritual Session is the perfect choice if you aren’t quite sure what type of session you would like to schedule. Through a heartfelt connection with Nikki, your soul will bring to light, clarity, love, guidance and healing for past, present and future life events.  Intuitive Spiritual Sessions allow your soul to direct the nature and scope of the session. Maybe your soul would love for you to connect with your Heaven Family. Maybe your soul would love to tell you about the relationship you are sharing with another. Maybe your soul wants to share its dance of life with you or guide your towards your life's purpose! Intuitive Spiritual Sessions provide you with an array of enlightening awakenings. You will connect with your Soul and come away with an rejuvenated sense of self!

Spiritual Mediumship Chakras God Angels Love Psychic

Mediumship Sessions

Stairway to Heaven.Stairs in sky.  Conce

Love... Love is what makes this the best session of all!  Love can move mountains!  Love can make two worlds collide!  LOVE CONNECTS OUR ENERGIES.  Love is what we are. This is the perfect session for you if you are missing someone you love in Heaven.  Mediumship Sessions offer an opportunity to spiritually communicate with your loved ones. During these sessions Nikki encourages you to set aside the idea of “closure” and embrace the concept of "connection", while she guides you in fostering a continued relationship with your family and friends in Heaven. The best thing about a Mediumship session is that this type of session reminds you that death is not real. That we are all Eternal beings in our truest existence and that we will one day be able to embrace our loved ones once again.  

Spiritual Mediumship Chakras God Angels Love Psychic

Healing Sessions

High Resonance Healing Words.jpg

Almapura Healing Sessions are uniquely and lovingly designed. Your experience during this session will be distinct from any other as your journey of Healing is Divinely inspired.  Human beings are made up of 5 bodies. Each of these bodies must vibrate in a manner that invites the movement of energy from one body to the next. Illness and imbalances are often a result of this energy NOT flowing freely between the bodies causing physical, mental or emotional illness. In company with your spirit and guides Nikki will attend to each frequency of vibration within each of the 5 identify limitations to your overall well-being.  You can choose to have a Healing Session for any reason.  Almapura Healing Sessions provide an opportunity to “check-in” with your soul. Schedule yours today!

Spiritual Mediumship Chakras God Angels Love Psychic

Mentorship Sessions


"I LOVE LOVE LOVE facilitating Mentorship Sessions!"  All TRUTH exists in the voice of your spirit. Nikki's goal during Almapura Mentorship Sessions is to help you to foster a beautiful friendship with your spirit self. Heaven is LOVE. Mentorship sessions encourage an experience that is intended to create a “Heaven on Earth” relationship with your own soul and ALL of creation. Mentorship sessions cover the full range of spirituality, beginning with the basics of spiritual understanding through Almapura training, all the way through advanced spiritual communications. Each soul is unique, and so is each person’s experience during Mentorship.  Nikki takes direction from Spirit in guiding your mentorship experience. While your soul is the main participant in your Remembrance of Heaven, your Spirit Family, Guides and Angels can participate as well. 

Spiritual Mediumship Chakras God Angels Love Psychic

Individual Spiritual Counseling Sessions


There Is Hope. There Is Always Hope. Everybody feels "off" sometimes, but YOU are worth it! Your family is worth it! And your relationship is worth it! It won’t always be easy. Sometimes good things aren't easy. But if you try, if you do the work, and if you open your heart, there are wonderful and permanent effects to healing on a spiritual level. Spiritual Counseling Sessions provide clients with a true spiritual assessment and resolution to their conflicts. Individual Spiritual Counseling sessions allow you to explore your feelings, beliefs, and behaviors from a spiritual perspective. Spiritual Counseling helps to work through challenging or influential memories, identify aspects of your life that you would like to change, and to better understand yourself and others. 

Spiritual Mediumship Chakras God Angels Love Psychic

Couples Spiritual Counseling Sessions


There Is Hope. There Is Always Hope. Everybody feels "off" sometimes, but YOU are worth it! Your relationship is worth it! It won’t always be easy. Sometimes good things aren't easy. But if you try, if you do the work, and if you open your heart, there are wonderful and permanent effects to healing on a spiritual level. Couple's Counseling Sessions focus on the true spiritual connection your share with your partner. Nikki’s goal for your relationship is to create harmony in the love you share with one another in a way that promotes a long term commitment to truth and sincere love. 

Spiritual Mediumship Chakras God Angels Love Psychic

Family Spiritual Counseling Sessions


Family Counseling Sessions are meant  to heal the wounds of our familial connections. Even when families are broken and hurting there is a path to healing. Families provide a “be whoever you are at your worst” type of environment, so everyone in the family has a unique set of firepower to launch at their supposed familial enemy. Discovering the gifts of this “firepower” helps you to remember the love you feel for them and the love they feel for you.  Nikki will encourage your family to re-discover the NATURE of family connections providing for your family a path to healing, love and oneness. 

Spiritual Mediumship Chakras God Angels Love Psychic

Soul Dance Sessions


A Soul Dance is just ONE of the numerous dances your spirit uses to communicate enlightening information about your soul's mission for God while here on Earth. Each person has a Soul Mission, and in turn, a unique Soul Dance that describes how that mission is accomplished.

The method of dance your soul uses is a movement and flow of energy through your Chakra System. Connecting with your Soul’s Dance will illustrate who you are; how you are; why you are the way you are; and how you are currently sharing your dance in your everyday life and with the world. Discovering your Soul Dance will provide the knowledge you need to quiet the internal battle that exists within. It will govern the transcendence of your human experience and elevate your energy to a higher level of consciousness.  Connect with Nikki for a private Soul Dance Session and awaken to the magic of your soul!

Spiritual Mediumship Chakras God Angels Love Psychic

Tender Soul Sessions


A Tender Soul Session is a unique way to connect with your child through Spirit providing a soul to soul conversation that will strengthen the parent- child bond. Tender Soul Sessions provide a pure connection with your child allowing parents to discover the unique soul job their child has been gifted by God. Knowing your child’s soul purpose will help you to nurture your child in a way which addresses their future in both a human and spiritual manner. Bring your questions and concerns. Nikki will make a soul-to-soul connection with your perfect little one! On many occasions family members, guides and angels from Heaven will assist in creating this connection, especially with our prenatal little ones.

Spiritual Mediumship Chakras God Angels Love Psychic

Tarot Card Sessions

Tarot cards.jpg

Tarot Card Sessions provide a powerful source of information. The information provided during a Tarot Card Session assists clients in connecting with their life journey in a consciously enlightened manner.  During a Tarot Card Session Nikki will connect with your soul and your Spirit Guide of Divine Timing & Protection. Together they will provide the translation of your Tarot Card Spread. Tarot Card Sessions address all aspects of life and are used as a guide to aid clients in making well informed decisions. Bring any questions and concerns you may have about life. Your spirit in the company of your guides will present solutions for each situation.

Topics of discussion may include but are not limited to: Life Situations ;Health; Career; Finances; Relationships; Future Endeavors

Spiritual Mediumship Chakras God Angels Love Psychic

Akashic Records & Past Lives

old library books inside.jpg

Akashic Records hold the TRUTH of we are, who we have been and who we will be in each incarnation of our Soul’s existence, and from its creation. It is the essence of who we truly are. The Akashic Records are a complete collection of all human events, words, ideas, emotions, actions and thoughts that have ever occurred. Christians refer to this collection of information as the "Book of Life" or the "Hall of Records".  The Akashic Records contain divine wisdom gathered during the soul’s journey. Accessing your Book of Life provides a sacred space for healing, love, truth and guidance. Information shared during an Akashic Record session helps to align your life with your Soul’s purpose. 

Spiritual Mediumship Chakras God Angels Love Psychic

Pet Energy Communication


Our pets not only live in our home but also in our heart and soul. With their never-ending loyalty, heroic deeds, funny behaviors, unconditional love, and vibrant personalities, they are our companions, our closest friends and our most trusted confidants. Our pets are part of our Soul family. They will search for us across many lifetimes, both ours and theirs! 
Our animal family loves us so much and especially enjoys being able to communicate with us! 

Nikki will connect with the energies of your animal family both here on Earth and in Heaven and relay loving information about their experiences, likes and dislikes, pain or discomfort and favorite memories. Mostly they just want to tell you how much they love you... and of course how much they also loved that treat you gave them last week! Schedule a Pet Energy Session today and connect with your animal family!

Spiritual Mediumship Chakras God Angels Love Psychic

Soul Dance
Tender Soul
Akashic Records

Private Parties & Group Events

Group Events and Private Parties Spiritual Mediumship Chakras God Angels Love Psychic | Almapura


Hello From Heaven ~ Spiritual Gallery



I LOVE connecting with Spirit and I feel so very blessed when I am invited to facilitate a Hello From Heaven gathering. The time spent reuniting with our loved ones in Heaven is such a loving and blessed experience. I can't wait to share this time with you! Love... Love is what makes this such a beautiful gathering! Love can move mountains. Love can bring Heaven to Earth!  LOVE CONNECTS OUR ENERGIES. Love is what we are! Hello From Heaven Spiritual Gallery invites you to visit with your loved ones in Heaven and encourages you to embrace a continued relationship with them. They can't wait to remind you how much they love you, how proud they are of you, and how they are still by your side whispering to your heart, exactly what you need to know!  Join Nikki for a Hello From Heaven Spiritual Gallery and share in a remembrance of LOVE with the your Heaven family!


Spirit Talk Connections


Friends on vacation at a table outside a

Spirit Talk Connections is a beautiful gathering filled with enlightenment and peace. Nikki shares enlightening insight and spiritual direction inspired by the questions and curiosities of the participants. Each participant is encouraged to come with their personal questions so Nikki can take time with each participant in connection to their spirit! No questions are off limits! Choose from the variety of services that are offered,


What would you like to connect with your Spirit about today? 

Past Lives, Akashic Records, Mediumship, Spiritual Counseling,

Pet Communication, Tender Soul, Soul Dance, Mentorship? 


Private Almapura Workshop Gathering


Wood Book Shelf With Vintage Book In Lib

Expand your spiritual journey with an Almapura workshop. Each workshop is aimed at a specific area of spiritual enlightenment.

From communication with loved ones, and the understanding of God's miracles through prayer, to focused sessions on problem-solving from a spiritual perspective, there is an Almapura workshop for everything! Craft your perfect series of enlightenment and register for an Almapura workshops today. 

Online Education

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