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  • 225$
    Empathy is feeling with the heart of another! Purchase this workshop today!
    • 6 Video Modules
    • Module Worksheets (download)
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    • Become an Almapura Scholars Member
    • Receive Monthly Discounts!

Do you have a lot of feelings? About all of the things? This workshop is for you! Empathy & Me offers guidance and support as you tap into your inner empathy, especially if your main soul job is Empathy.

This self-paced, online workshop includes 6 video modules and corresponding worksheets, as well as access to an exclusive online spiritual community--what would be a 4-week individual mentoring track at the cost of $780 is now available to you online for only $275.

Throughout my journey, I've learned how empathy transcends all boundaries, and how tapping into this gift can change your entire perspective on life. The Empathy & Me workshop will empower you to embrace your empathetic nature so you can thrive in your personal relationships and spiritual journeys.​

But wait... there's more!


When you purchase the Empathy & Me Workshop you will automatically become an Almapura Scholar! As an Almapura Scholar Member you will receive monthly discounts on Almapura Services and a private Member's Only area on the Almapura Awakenings website where you can access your purchased courses and your monthly discounts! And don't forget to join us on our private Facebook Almapura Scholars page for group discussions, Facebook Lives, and early access to future online workshops!


Whether you’re looking to cultivate deeper connections with those around you, or if you feel a calling to make empathy a larger part of your soul’s purpose, The Empathy & Me workshop is the perfect place to start.

I hope you sign up today!


If you're interested in gifting this workshop (maybe to someone you love who also has a lot of feelings), please reach out to me directly at so we can get them all set up.

Thank you and God Bless!

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Experience the power of connection and love with our 'Hello From Heaven' group events. As a Spiritualist Medium, I'm honored to facilitate these gatherings and bring comfort to those who want to connect with their loved ones in the afterlife. These events are a beautiful and healing experience that you won't want to miss. Schedule your private party today! 


Spirit Talk Connections is a warm and welcoming gathering where everyone’s individual journey is important. Every participant is encouraged to bring their questions and curiosities, which I will address during our time together. Through my work as a spiritualist medium, I aim to help my clients find inner peace and a better understanding of the world around them.

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The Almapura - The Beginning workshops provide a foundation for spiritual growth and self-discovery. Almapura - The Beginning is comprised of five workshops, each with its own unique and thought-provoking theme. They are specifically designed to encourage you to delve deeper into your spirituality, while encouraging self-discovery in a supportive and nurturing environment. Each of us is inherently spiritual, and it is only through becoming more self-aware that we can awaken our true potential. The Almapura - The Beginning series is particularly special as it offers an introduction to spirituality and encourages students to uncover their own unique path. By attending these five workshops, you can gain a more profound understanding of yourself, your spirituality, and what you want from life. Join our community today and unlock the door to a fulfilling life.



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A Soul Dance is the way that Spirit(energy) flows through your body. A Soul Dance is just one of the numerous dances your spirit uses to communicate enlightening information about your soul's mission (soul job) while here on Earth. The Soul Dance workshops help clients transcend their limitations and connect with their soul's true purpose. They guide you through the obstacles that you face and help you align your energy with your soul's true path. With warmth, compassion and a deep knowledge of spiritual awakening, Soul Dance workshops help you unlock your soul's highest potential.




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